A friend or two, once suggested I see a psychiatrist due to the multiple personalities I seemed to be sporting. I mentioned it to another friend who hasn’t seen me for three years but we still have that special bond and she said, “Only two? Are you sure? I think I have a handful”. Coming from someone I always believed to be quite sorted and grown-up and well, sane, this came as a surprise. We laughed it off over msn via smileys and lols but it kind of struck me as weird. She has a multiple personality disorder too?

I guess as women we have a head start. At least, that’s what men think and at least that’s what I think too. Most women I know are incredibly unpredictable, two-faced and extremely versatile in switching roles and identities. That doesn’t make them crazy, I guess, just better equipped for this crazy modern world and very intriguing. That’s where women have the edge on men. Besides being more sensitive to others and being smarter in more ways than one (yes, it’s true, women are the smarter sex, I have confirmed it here), women can really change to suit their environments, like true chameleons, their emotions can hit one extreme to another in the drop of a hat; hysteria to objective clarity, but this does not make them crazy, only stronger. After all, two heads are better than one.

One thought on “Duel Citizenship – A Short Lesson On Possessing Two Identities

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