There’s been several instances where the Bush administration has compared the war in Iraq to some other ‘failed’ US military campaign i.e. Vietnam, Korea or whatever. Time magazine featured an article just last month about how useless these comparisons are and how totally incomparable the Iraq war is to anything that has gone before. Bush apparently made a speech where he once again reinforced the parallels between the two campaigns saying that an early pull out would signal a disaster (not that Iraq isn’t already)and terrible consequences such as torture (noting different there), execution, (nope still no difference) POW camps (Guantanamo’s Camp X Ray and Camp Delta) would result and even sited Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge as reference (partly in consequence of an American waged war). But there may be one thing that connects them all. And that is that Bush does not want to leave the war in Iraq as America did not want to vacate the war in Vietnam some 30 years ago. His polarising race dialogue and terror threats and paranoid laden language is pure propaganda, negative propaganda to serve the US’s military and therefore economic interests. Please, I beg you all, stop listening to his crap. The man is stupid and so are we for allowing him to remain in power.

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