As a post script to the previous entry I thought I better explain WHY the government had suddenly decided to grant me with pseudo citizen rights. My work visa was finally approved last month and I’m extremely happy and relieved. No more will I have to endure forced holidays to random AirAsia destinations, or cower in front of immigration officials just begging for the opportunity to haul my ass back…home or suffer the humiliation of being mistaken for a foreign maid on the well worn Labuan-Brunei-Labuan visa trail. I am a tourist no more! I guess I am now what you could call an Expat. AAhh – The word sends shivers down my spine…I’m not sure what’s worse – tourist status or expat status? Actually I think I was previously a refugee. Oh to hell with it! Stigma schmigma! Human beings are migratory animals. They were never meant to stop, settle and stay. They were born to roam. Have passport, will travel.

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