Shit. I’ve just realised. Facebook has taken over my life. Not since I joined up did I even check my blog. Even once I bought a digital camera, I didn’t apply its uses here, I took photos and uploaded them onto where?….Facebook, you guessed it. Sigh and I thought I was being social spending 3 hours at a time online adding and subtracting totally unnecessary applications (or was it because I was waiting for my FB page to load…) and drawing and re-drawing my ultra cool Friend Wheel (I totally recommend this application, it’s awesome!) and watching it grow ever bigger. I guess I have been quite anti-social really. Busy trying to collect old friends to edge even closer to having more Friends than what’s her face, I’m now heading for the 300 mark. With a few more hours sowing the seeds of forgotten friendships I think I can make that target, like a never ending fund raising campaign for victims of war, natural disasters and human rights violations. I have more relationships in cyber space than real space these days. I think if I work harder to dig through other friends’ contact lists I will finally reach the ultimate in social networking sites -having everyone I ever met on my friends list! I think it’s do-able. So far my entourage (this is an awesome application which I totally recommend) rolls 266 deep and sounds reasonable, meaning to say I have met and had more than one drink with over 266 people in my entire 30 years of life. Then I think to myself, “is that too little? Am I a social out cast? Is my FB page just an honest representation of how superficial my life has been???!! What does it really mean when someone deletes you??? What did I do wrong??!! Perhaps I am being over dramatic. The other thing that’s really cool is collecting and listing all the things you have so called read and listen to on the album rack application (this app is totally awesome and I highly recommend it to you), the covers look really cool and make you appear really interesting which I am, of course. Forget growing gifts, Which Spice Girl am I, Puppy Curling, Naughty or Nice and all the other useless crap you get sent everyday by your so called friends who are only inviting you in order to clock up more points to vote themselves Funnest person on Facebook. That stuff just says – desperate moron. Not me, I’m super popular, super smart, super funny and super good looking. Vote me now as The Coolest Person on Facebook, send this message to more than 15 of your friends and you will gain 100 bonus points. SELECT ALL and FORWARD

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