Al Gore’s new multi-million dollar climate change campaign has come up with a rather hypocritical and typically, patriotic pro-American TV ad, but I suppose if that’s how you grab their attention then so be it. To suggest that Americans don’t wait for other people to take the lead when a problem needs to be fixed is just down right laughable…isn’t it America who refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol in the first place? Isn’t it America whose green house emissions are something like half the world’s over all emissions (the percentage is something ridiculous anyway)?

Alas, Americans are in so much self denial yet if Al Gore can reach the main culprits of global warming by appealing to their sentimental side then I guess the rest of the intelligent world will have to bite their tongues. And Al Gore’s tackling of the issue is in many ways commendable (he is using his own money, that’s something). Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister also recently jumped on the environmental bandwagon. Just goes to show how politicians can be useful after all – when they’re out of power.

The second video, on the other hand is a really cool illustration of how we contribute everyday to the environmental tragedy unfolding before our eyes. Narrated by Tommy Lee Jones, the commercial speaks volumes.

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