I like to know about music. I want to know what’s new out there, who’s new and what’s a great listen. But I hate music reviews. They are not fun to read. I don’t understand them half the time. Reviews are usually laden with these wanky descriptive words I don’t get or they use words together to describe which mean different things. It’s really off putting don’t you think? Maybe I’m dumb. Maybe the reviews are just bad. Maybe reviews are actually pointless? What are they for? To give you an idea of what kind of music is being reviewed? To tell you if the music is good or bad, or, how much the reviewer liked it at least? And unless you trust the taste of the reviewer then who cares what they think? Maybe they are just to satisfy the sponsors,sell the product,pay the bills…? Somebody please point me in the direction of a good music review!

Perhaps a good review is just a good piece of journalism. Ye, that’s all I want. A well written, witty, informative, well researched, opinionated without seeming arrogant, knowledgeable but with heart, and a simply but poetically constructed, piece of writing that, whether you agree or not with the review, will make you want buy the album. If you’re looking for a musically inspiring read, Nick Hornby is pretty real about his musical tastes, especially in 31 Songs. I think I have to agree with him that music is all about sentimentality. Music discovered and loved without a human context, a meaningful experience, is music loved less.

But everything is about context. Without context, without ethics, morals, social condition and human emotion, what is there? Really Bad art.

One thought on “The Music Review

  1. hey u. do me a favor and go write music reviews for rolling stone. i always feel like tearing off the pages when i go thru that godforsaken section. ;p

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