Beau Sia plays up the angry Asian stereotype well. When I saw him at the Fringe I thought he was hilarious because it’s so true about the way Asians are represented, real or imagined. He was on the edge, frustrated, paranoid, screeching his words, his veins popping from his neck, red faced and ready to burst. I really appreciated the fact he was representing “Asians’. Aside from the fact the show is a Benetton ad for poetry, it isn’t every day you see an Asian artist/poet/musician/performer – in the mainstream or on the fringe. It’s really like they don’t exist. Well Beau is really popular now and since then a I guess a few more Asian performers have ‘come out’ like the hilariously inappropriate Margaret Cho who I’d say is also pretty freakin angry. As a matter of fact I think Sia (not sure) and Cho are both Korean Asians, specifically. Remember Virginia Tech, the Korean American student goes crazy on campus? That shooting happened years after I saw Beau and years after I had first been introduced to the idea of the ‘Angry Asian’. It’s funny/ironic that life often imitates art and that art can be such a precise gauge of how life really is.

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