Wow! I saw the most inspiring thing over the weekend. At One Utama on Sunday I was wondering around the mall along with every other Malaysian in KL and came across the photo exhibition of a certain young Malaysian called Law Tzuo Hann. Tzuo Hann is a 24 year old graduate from Duke University in the USA who one day decided to cycle back to Malaysia from the States. And he really did. I think he must be the first ever Malaysian to do it.

When I tried to google him I couldn’t find much except for an entry from last year about another Malaysian student who is planning to be ‘the first Malaysian to cycle and walk around the world in 500 days”. His expedition, sponsored by UiTM was to begin in January 2008 and was to be accompanied by 12 research assistants and media and would cost RM1.5mil. He was bound for Malaysian World Record fame – perhaps for “the most money spent on a cycling PR trip”. I wonder how he’s doing.

Tzuo Hann, on the otherhand, was not sponsored, he raised his own money and, except for the trip across the Gobi Desert where his dad was with him and some friends he met on his way, Tzuo Hann travelled mostly on his own sleeping in anything and anywhere he could find shelter. Tzuo describes his adventure through diary entires on his website Crazy Guy On A Bike. I was blown away by his ambition and determination and of course by the sheer distance and what he had to endure over the 28,571 km. Part of me is extremely jealous, in fact all of me. But it’s easier for guys, right, to do that sort of thing? A lone girl cycling across the globe with nothing but her Swiss Army knife and cell phone would not have gotten so far…

Tzuo Hann was at One Utama trying to raise funds for charity and as far as I can see media attention has been lacking. Maybe there will be stories out in this week’s papers. Maybe not. Maybe Malaysia will still be distracted by post election problems and the Malaysian Can-or-not’s new best seller. Tzuo Hann deserves a place in the Malaysian record books, he deserves that best seller, he deserves more than a reality tv show. He is the real deal, people. A true Malaysian idol. Maybe the first one of the 21st Century.

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