Helena Foo is the Artistic Director for KLPAC, which this week is debuting her physical theatre piece, Three. She gave us an intimate and impromptu performance of a song from the show at the attic last month and, although it sounded raw and unpracticed (Helena is not a professional singer), the tune was pretty and delivered with heart(player’s name I can’t remember sorry!). The official warning says the show contains slightly adult themes, but an insider has told me that the show is pretty racy (a man with no shirt on is hardly racy!). We HOPE it’s racy! Looking forward to it.

“A girl wakes up in the afterlife with no recollection of how she got
there. Guided by a guardian angel, she relives three moments in her
life which mattered the most to her when she was alive.

The first being sin, which represents the stage of adolescence in her
life where she is first introduced to things like lust, seduction and

In the second scene, she encounters her mother, who died of breast
cancer when she was just a little girl.

And lastly, she meets her first love, who took her breath away in the
beginning but stole her heart and soul from her at the end.

After those three moments, she finally settles in her ‘heaven’, where
she needs to come to terms with all that has happened and accept her
life the way she has lived it.”

*Please note that this play deals with slightly adult subject-matter.

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