To feel loved makes me feel strong.

To be seen and understood.

When I feel supported.

When I’ve done a good deed, made someone else happy,

When a student or class I’ve taught makes me proud


Standing up in front of an audience and hearing them laugh or clap really loudly

I feel strong when I feel physically fit, when my muscles are tight and big

When I can climb stairs without gasping for breath, when I can carry someone’s weight, run a mile

When I’ve given advice to a friend and they feel satisfied, or when it helped

I feel strong when I’m focused, when I know I’m going through a tough time but I know I will get through it,

I tell myself I can do it,

I have a high threshold for pain, for scratches, and burns, and bleeding wounds, and open wombs,

My scars can be seen

They are tattoos, visible but beautiful,

On my skin


My skin heals fast

And I know I can last.

I’ve been there before,

I’ve been through worse,

I know I am strong enough to let it pass,

because it always does pass.

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