My Christmas Wish List 2009

Every year my family asks me what I would like for Christmas and every year I usually say it doesn’t matter or something for the kitchen. I don’t think I am very difficult to get a present for. I have loads of interests and wanting of so many things. But because it’s all about giving and not receiving I guess it’s not appropriate to state specifically what you want as if the thought in the gift is what counts most. So I usually end up with a load of stuff I just would not even look at past Christmas day. But what if there is no thought or if there is, one seriously lacking in knowledge, how can that giver make an informed decision? Buying presents for people should be personal and chosen carefully. A gift should either reflect the giver’s passion and love or that of the receiver. And most of all, the gift should reflect the giver’s relationship to the receiver.

With that said, here is a fantasy wish list, some gifts are grand and luxurious, others practical and simple, but by no means is this list a have to haves. Just things I’ve been eying all year or maybe just a one day whimsy. Nevertheless, anything and everything on this list would be much appreciated, loved and received with much gratitude. Here’s hoping…

1. Likewise by Ariel Schrag
2. Chicken and Plums by Marjane Satrapi
3. Sainthood by Tegan and Sara
4. Rome – the tv series dvd set Season 1
5. A magic writing journal to inspire me, blank pages, preferable pocket sized and not Moleskine
6. Any fine art picture book or something about art theory
7. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
8. A collection of Jack Kerouac’s poems and/or Desolation Angels
9. Travel guide to Eastern Europe and/or Iraq/Afghanistan
10. A decent digital compact camera – something like the Lumix LX3 or Panasonic GH1
11. A new decent wok
12. A pair of knee high futsal socks, preferably black
13. A new writing pen