If I Should Have A Daughter

If I should have a daughter
I will tell her what sex is from the earliest age
And that if anyone tries to force themselves upon her against her will
That this is called rape
And that rape is a crime
And anyone who forces her to marry her rapist is also a criminal
And that child marriage is a violation of her rights and childhood.
She is a child.
True she lacks experience
But she is not stupid.
Her capacity to understand the violence of non consensual sex or sexual abuse is innate
Her lack of experience is not a justification to take advantage of her
But she will be confused
Confused by the so called adults
That she entrusted her innocence with
The so called adults whom she trusted to protect her, to keep her safe, to enable her to grow into a healthy adult with the same potential as the next child.
I will not tell her that she should dress more conservatively because that is not her responsibility
I will not blame her, if that day, god forbid, should ever come, for asking for it
She never asked for it.
She never asked for this, to be treated as a sex object.
She never asked to be stared at or glared at
She would never ask for that kind of abuse
Because she is like me and you.
She has rights and when she is unable to make the right choices or lacks the power to stop adults from abusing her because she is only a child,
Because adults are bigger,
This is when we all should know better.
These are the truths I know right now.