What’s the point of a liver?
A lung?
A kidney?
A heart?

They are insides

And I will eat them
And spread them on my toast
Like pate
Make a meat pie
With a good crust
Alongside a pint of stout

Or I will feed them to my cats
In bite sized kibbles.

I will make gravy!
Thick and creamy
And pour it all over
My mashed potato heart
Beating, pumping in sweet talk
Pushing out salty tears

Slice open my thumb
While peeling onions
The skin opening, revealing the perfect accompaniment to
Roast Chicken

A train of thought passes quickly
Like poison, racing green with envy
Or ivy, creeping up branches and bark,
Tips to toes
Leaves to roots, shoots
Snaking its way up
Twisting and curling
Tightening its grip.

What is it?
These organs are just offal
Cheap cuts
The leftover pieces on a butcher’s block
The liver, the lungs, a kidney, a heart
That nobody wants.

Pleasure is skin on skin.

Your skin.

Pleasure is being exposed and revelling in it

Seeing each other

For exactly what we are.

Naked from within

Like pain could never exist

Even if she explored me deeper

I will accommodate her

As long as she doesn’t forget

Those places she’s been to

With me

Inside and under my skin

Pain is skin on skin.

Your skin.

When you worked your way in

Then worked your way out

You can suffocate me

Scratch me

Bite me

Bruise me

Hold my hands and restrain me

These things don’t hurt me.

So take me,

I will give in,

I want to let go

More than anything.

One Life

I think it’s very hard to centre yourself in a relationship because things are constantly changing with two individuals trying to live their own lives independently at the same time as trying to be in one life, together.

How should you live in one life together?

What is this yearning to live one life?