Capoeira – Freedom Fighting Brazilian Style

Part I

I found these videos on the net while searching for FFF vids. Reminded me of how I once had ideas of granduer to make my own Capo film along the same angle – Capoeira as a freedom fight, a form of expression out of oppression. While the film (here in two parts) is still only a scratch on the surface of it, it does better than most films I’ve seen on the subject with its attempt to address the historical side of the art form. Capoeira to me has always been a kind of religion. I’m not a religious person, but I’d like to think I found some sense of spirituality which I gain mostly from music and dance. I think it’s important although that may sound like a contradiction. And that’s exactly what Capoeira is in essence; a music and dance interpretation of the human spirit and/or soul.

Western religion, political dogma or Eastern spiritual philosophies and theologies, all have somehow used the idea of the ‘fight’ from oppression, be it mental slavery or ideological and we are time and time again asked to ‘free’ ourselves from the chains which restrain us from being whole and true good human beings.

Like Hip Hop music and Jazz before it, Capoeira is an very much an African reaction to oppression again using music and dance to ‘fool’ its slave masters, subverting and secretly penetrating into the culture of its oppressors, often without him even noticing, without violence or force or coercion. Which is the best way really and which can’t be said of the big boys like Christianity or Islam or Communism or, especially, Capitalism.

To put it bluntly, Capoeira, Hip Hop and Jazz, black music, African culture has a power that that many have failed to realise. Probably because the Afican people have been so badly used and abused over the centuries and because of the strength and richness of the culture, but it says so much about the human spirit that such beauty and positivty can find a way out.

Part II