Moron Scottish Weather

Partly cloudy with some sunny spells. Temperature – Highs at 12 and Lows at 6 with a windchill factor high enough to drag that temp down even lower making the country pretty uninhabitable. And I thought the jungle was was bad enough. Turns out KL does have its plus points. When the sun’s shining I suppose the shadows disappear and Glasgow doesn’t feel so drechit (dreary). Since I’ve been dwelling here I’ve seen the Kinks live, went to King Tut’s, met old and even older friends, walked dogs, drunk tea, ate pies, ate more pies (I ate all the pies), rode on trains including the Clockwork Orange (Glasgow Underground), as they affectionately say here, visited the heads and Kelvingrove Museum, ate a curry, drank some beer, took a black cab, stood outside for a fag and had coffee at Offshore. I guess that sums up Glasgow and my memory of it. Today I’m off to back down south to Englandshire via the Great North Eastern Railway, a grand name for a grand company. Let’s just hope there’s no leaves on the track.