the world is indeed a wondrous place.

as your words cut me

I do bleed


But it is not me that bleeds

But my ego

Because nothing can hurt the universal me

I know the you that you know is hurting

and that my words hurt you too

and even though the intention is not to hurt

we do.

we do because words are like paper cuts

shallow but excruciating




i see you

and through you

and pray to the goddesses that one day


you will see yourself

as i see you

i see you as you are

everything that hurts

and it hurts to be you

and it hurts to be me

words cannot understand

that you in me

and i know you prayed for this

and i know your prayers were not in vain

or ego stained

and i know you wanted to be


as i wanted to be you

the thing is

we are already


remember your prayers

the goddesses were very generous when they said yes

but they cannot abide by ungratefulness and laziness

i know now

that lakshmi

abundant and beautiful

has a shadow

nothing is given freely

this is the nature of the universe

all things need balance and must be appreciated

i am blessed

and awakened

to the recklessness of my habits

and to the truth in my heart

your heart

her heart

do not mistaken your suffering as mistakes

they are simply reminders

that you do not exist

only the universe does

and it exists at her generous will.

the cloud is not me

your soul does not hate me

only the ego hates

to be destroyed is the most painful transformation

but it is inevitable

in love

i am suffering

i know you know how this feels

i cry everyday for my old self

it is physically unbearable

but I know now

I know now

I know now

that this end, this destruction

this transformation

is a prayer waiting to be fulfilled

a wish wanting to be granted

to set the universe in its rightful balance.