It’s disheartening what you see on the tv. I don’t know why I bother watching. This issue of defamation, freedom of speech and censorship, self or authoritively inlficted, is extremely complex, though. Respect all, give power to the people, punish abusers of freedom and make accountable those in power, isn’t that the answer? I mean, come on! You want to stir up trouble over whether or not it’s ok to make up an alternative rap song to the national anthem??? Please la! Get a grip! Next thing you know they will be telling you you’re not even allowed to rap because it goes against the constitution, a threat to national security or simply, unpatriotic. Look whose abusing their freedom of power. A pole taken by the local English news channel concluded that over 50% believed that no action should be taken against the wanna-be gangsta. Listen to the people!

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